Vier Flüssen Drahthaars 
Versatile hunting dogs for versatile hunters

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Welcome to Vier Flüssen. This site is dedicated to the best dogs in the world --- the Deutsch Drahthaar.
Seriously, in our area the hunting is not what it was in "the good ole days". It no longer warrants having kennels full of specialty dogs. Being a waterfowler, upland hunter, and deer hunter I was looking for a dog to hunt both upland and retrieve. My search led me to the Deutsch Drahthaar (DD). My first hooked me immedieately and I have been since. Not only are these dogs "versatile" in thier hunting abilities they are also the best canine companion a person could ask for and very gentle around children. The DD, each with thier own personality, will steal your heart as well as impress in the field.
We will have a litter from time to time, breeding primarily for our own purposes and that of our friends.

We are located in the four rivers (vier flüssen) area of western kentucky, in close proximity to the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland rivers. If you are in the area stop by and visit with the best dogs in the world. 

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